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What is Pay Per Head Sports Betting?

Bookmaking is changing – and fast with various online sports betting software. Though it might never have been exactly like the image many of us have in our heads (a mob-connected bookie sitting a dimly lit room, cigar in mouth and perhaps a glass of whiskey on his table, wildly answering phones and scribbling notes in his ledger), it is true that it is a far cry from what it was in days gone by.

Today’s bookies take care of the majority of their business online. While they still meet with their clients in person, especially regarding the exchange of money, the actual wagers are now almost always placed online.

Indeed, many modern-day bookies use Pay Per Head, otherwise known as PPH, services for their sports betting. Instead of keeping note-filled ledgers and maintaining mountains of paperwork, bookies can use a betting software to minimize paperwork, maximize organization, and streamline the sports betting process. In short, Pay Per Head makes life a lot easier on bookies while providing them with a much more convenient and efficient business model.

What Exactly Does Pay Per Head Do?

To those that have never used it before, pay per head services can seem a little confusing at first. Fortunately, the idea behind it is very basic and it is actually very easy to understand how they work with just a little bit of information.

PPH services simply direct a bookie’s clients to an online sports book. These sports books allow clients to place wagers at any time of the day, online or via the phone. The client places the bet in the bookie’s account. The PPH gives the bookie the ability to track the bet through their account. They pay a small service for each use (thus the term pay per head). No money other than this small fee is exchanged via the PPH service.

Instead, the bookie personally contacts the client after the betting period is over with. They take note of the win or loss by the client and then reach them about the exchange of money.

The fact that money is not involved in the PPH process ensures two things. First and foremost, the sports betting process remains entirely legal. Secondly, the client and bookie are required to meet in person, promoting trust and creating a working relationship.

Benefits of PPH for Bookies

Pay Per Head sports betting holds a number of different benefits for bookies and their clients alike. However, we will focus on the advantages of PPH for bookies for now.

An example clearly helps illustrate the benefits. During big sporting events, with large point spreads, there are a lot of different things to bet on. Naturally, this creates a good deal of action for the bookie to manage. Clients will want to bet on any number of different things and the betting can get very hectic.

Most stand-alone bookies don’t have their own personal call centers. During a big event, or even a small one, this means they have to field all their calls themselves. Trying to keep track of each bet during a busy event is a headache and can often result in error. A PPH service eliminates paperwork. In fact, it eliminates the need for the bookie to really do anything at all.

Clients place their bets through a pay per head software. The best of these services have 24/7 staffed call centers that are more than equipped to handle with busy sporting events.

The PPH services make sure that all the bets are in and that they are logged. This means that all you have to do as a bookie is sort through the data after the clock strikes zero and then make sure that everybody gets either paid or collected in the proper amount.

Benefits of PPH for Clients

As mentioned above, a bookkeeper’s clients also greatly benefit from Pay Per Head services. A quality services allows them 24/7 wagering. When a client is solely working directly with you, it limits the times that they can bet at. With a PPH service, they can place a bet online or call the service’s phone line to place a bet at any time of the day or night.

Furthermore, the same benefit of a dedicated call center that helps bookies also helps their clients. A dedicated call center ensures that the client will be able to place their bets when they want to. It also gives them the option of easily placing more than one bet at a time.

At the same time, all of this helps give the client a sense of ease, convenience, and security. It takes a lot of hassle out of the betting process and enables them to comfortably place the bet without worry.

The Verdict

PPH sports betting and their software makes the wagering process so much easier for bookies and their clients. Because it is a much more comfortable and efficient way for clients to place bets, they tend to place more bets and will much more likely use you as their sports betting bookkeeper again in the future. Every bookie’s business rides on the amount of clients they can round up and finding solid, reliable repeat clients is one of the best ways to help your business grow.

Bookkeepers that use PPH services also create a more professional image for themselves. Image is everything when it comes to gambling. Most of those placing bets want to deal with a bookie that is clean-cut and professional. They prefer a bookie that treats their business like, well, a business. Gone are the days when a “smoky backroom” is an atmosphere that will bring in the dough for bookies. PPH services create this professional atmosphere and build a feeling of trust in the client.

There are literally so many ways that PPH online sports bettingsoftware  services can help bookies. Even if you don’t decide to incorporate one into your business (although you should strongly consider it), it is important to have a solid idea of how they work because there is little doubt that a good portion of competing bookies are using PPH with much success.

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