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Harness Racing

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Harness Racing and How You Can Win

In the world of horse racing, there are many different types and varieties of racing. One of them is harness racing. You are probably most familiar with the type of horse racing where a horse runs carrying a jockey on its back. After all, this is the type of racing we see in the movies. Well, harness racing doesn't work like that. Harness racing is different because instead of somebody sitting on the horse's back, the horse carries a two-wheeled cart, which is often called a sulky. In this type of race, you will not often see the horse going at full galloping speed but rather a trot.

The standardbred horses are the breed most commonly used in harness racing. Harness racing is a very fun sport to watch and enjoy. Many people also make money off these types of races by betting on them. Betting on harness racing is quite similar to betting on other forms of horse racing in that you place your bet, hoping that the horse you have chosen will win the race. To make your bet successful, there are some things you should do before you bet and these things that you do (or don't) which will ultimately lead to a harness racing victory.

Look at the Horses
Winning at the tracks is no rocket science, and this is why it's surprising many people lose their money and sometimes, even the shirts off their back, when they wager. Could this be because these people skilled step one, which is the most basic part of wagering? It's highly likely.

You see, step one is checking out the horses beforehand. You wouldn't buy a pig in a poke so why should you bet on a horse you haven't scoped out? If you are able to get information on the horse`s training, this will help you out a lot. Finding out the horse`s racing history is equally important to its training history in harness racing. If the horse has won many of its most previous races, it is probably a good indicator that the horse will win the next one. If the horse you are considering betting on has never won a race before, you are putting yourself at a much higher risk by betting. If you are able to, check out the cart and equipment being used with the horse so that you can see that it is of high quality for racing.

Look at the Track
Be sure to check the weather and track condition on the day of harness racing. Not doing this can spell ruin for you because some horses perform better than others given certain changes in the elements. If the track is wet, many horses who would normally do very well will lose the race simply because the track is wet. Other horses, who normally are not winners, might get to the finish first simply because they perform better than other horses when the ground is wet.

Find a System
Of course, notching up wins is not entirely up to the weather. Finding a good system to use when betting is crucial if you want to make the most of your betting strategies. How to ‘Place Bet` on Favorites for a Living is one of the systems available that is getting some really great reviews --- and by great, I mean backed by the testimony of people who have found it to work.

Now, a system is only as good as the number of times it lets you win. But just because you lose, this doesn't mean a system doesn't work. Do not get discouraged if you lose a bet here and there. It is bound to happen, and it happens even to the most seasoned harness racing bettors using the best betting system. After all, no system ensures a 100% win all the time. Don't believe me? Ask around.

If you lose a bet, try to figure out where you may have gone wrong, or miscalculated. Learn from it, and try again next time. By learning from your mistakes and improving your strategies, you will soon find that you are winning the majority of the bets that you put down.

There are many people who make a living by betting on harness racing. You can, too, if you are dedicated to the sport and to coming up with the best strategies you can. Remember to always do your research on every horse. Avoid betting blindly; you will only lose money. As long as you look into every horse you bet on and make an informed and educated decision on each bet you place, you are sure to come out on top.

Best Betting System For Harness Racing
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